About Us

ITEM is a religious, charitable, educational, non-profit corporation serving in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. It is tax exempt and donor deductible.


 ITEM assists denominations and local churches by offering pastoral training at no cost to nationals.


 ITEM sends professors to teach at local institutions at regular intervals to equip pastors, teachers, and laymen and women to accomplish their God-given callings.



to provide Biblically-based, Reformed teaching and training worldwide to indigenous church leaders for ministry.



believing that the most effective evangelism, discipleship, and church planting will be done by nationals in their own cultural context, we send pastors and professors to the students to minimize cost and to maximize learning opportunities in their own contexts near their families and ministries.



 Alister Torrens - mission work in Ukraine.


Alister Torrens has been working with ITEM in Ukraine with various groups promoting Reformed teaching and training for several years.


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Tom Smith - mission work in Croatia.


Rev. Tom Smith and ITEM reached an agreement for teaching in Croatia and the teaching ministry of ITEM will be starting soon. Tom writes, “I had a good time with  the superintendent of the Protestant Reformed Christian Church (PRKC). I also traveled to Novi Sad, Serbia and visited with the director/dean of the Novi Sad Theological Seminary. He also was enthusiastic about receiving help in providing training.” Missionary work in Zagreb and other strategic locations in Croatia is in the early stages. Your support of Tom Smith is needed.


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