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"September and October are whirlwind months for us - please pray for our health and stamina! A HUGE praise is the celebration of the GRAND OPENING of the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine on September 14th and the completion of two weeks of classes in the building.  While the building still has some unfinished bits, the kitchen, dining hall, student dorms, classrooms and library were completed in time for the event and for classes to take place.  Alister taught and the students were thrilled to have their own location.  Our upcoming newsletter will have pictures and more news. Please pray as some remaining bits still need to be completed. The children started school September 1st and Sarah will be helping Monday and Friday as they are still short a full-time teacher.  Our Bible Studies with our church plant are on-going on Sunday and Monday evenings. Sarah will also be leading a women’s Bible Study and doing some discipling."

Alister Torrens, ITEM Missionary to Ukraine




In Ukraine, ITEM also provides solid Biblical teaching  through Kiev Regional Bible College (KRBC), a young Bible college approximately 8 miles outside of Kiev. The cost for such an opportunity, which includes round trip tickets and local transportation, accommodations, meals is approximately $1,500 per term. Translators are provided locally.  Students here are trained for various ministries in the church.  Each year KRBC graduates a number of leaders for God's kingdom.




With all the military pressures from Russia, the internal economic struggles, and a society reaping the consequences of decades of communist indoctrination, Ukraine calls out for God’s truth to come and give their church leaders proper training. Since the Spring of 2015, ITEM has provided three preaching conferences - one in Kharkov and two in Kiev - to train current pastors and others preparing for pastoral ministry in how to preach more Christ-centered messages for various Bible genres.  ITEM continues to look for more ways to serve in this needy country."


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