ITEM Executive Director

ITEM Executive Director Position and Description



CORE AREAS of RESPONSIBILITY: This is the what the Executive Director is to do.


1. Regional Networks: recruit key men who will work with the Executive Director locally to grow the investor and instructor base.


a. Investors: Find and recruit new investors. Maintain and develop relationships with past and present investors.


b. Instructors: Recruit new future instructors. Maintain relationships with past and present instructors.  Exec. Director will oversee supervision of Instructors and scheduling of Instructors to the fields


2. Fields: Works with Field Supervisors (those on the field who provide direction and coordination of the sites) to find new fields of ministry, maintain relationships with existing fields, ascertain needs and resources, and help with other issues


3. Leadership: works with the Board to provide institutional leadership and direction and.  assess potential organizational restructuring



KEY TASKS OF IMPLEMENTATION: This is the how the Executive Director may accomplish his responsibilities.  (Notice these are color coded to match with the Core Area of Responsibility that they help to accomplish)


•  Set up trips to churches, presbyteries, classes, home groups where ITEM can be presented.


• Develop connections through our current donors to find more people interested in supporting ITEM.


• Address resource and other needs and issues occurring on the fields.


• Promote the ITEM ministry through the newsletter, the website, brochures, social media, videos, in-person presentations to congregations, groups of pastors, & seminaries, and exhibition booths at conferences and meetings.


• Promoting ITEM through an exhibit booth at General Assemblies, Synods and other denominational annual gatherings as well as other conferences.


• Oversee the ITEM website and social media accounts.


• Communicate with investors through email, hand-written notes, and telephone calls.


• Recruit and vet new instructors through individual & small group appointments, telephone calls, and emails.


• Schedule instructors to the fields where needed.


• Communicate with all fields through the site coordinators.


• Travel to and teach at new fields to investigate them as new opportunities.


• Meet monthly by Zoom with the ITEM Board's Executive Committee.


• Meet biannually in person with the ITEM Board in May and November.


• Write and submit reports to the ITEM Board and its Executive Committee to whom the Executive Director is accountable.


• Complete tasks assigned by ITEM Board or Executive Committee.


• Communicating with other theological education ministries by telephone and email as well as participating in International Discipleship Coalition Zoom meetings.


• Participates with the Board in an annual review of his performance based upon his Job Description.


How to accomplish the responsibilities is only limited by imagination, energy, and time.


For further information, please contact Will Hesterberg, Chairman of the Board of ITEM, 618-803-0111 or





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Post PO Box 31456, St Louis, MO 63131
Call  717.640.6268
Contributions to ITEM in Canada may be sent to ITEM, c/o Action International Ministries, 3015A 21st NE Calgary AB T2E 7T1